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The China Collaborative Group (‘CCG’) association was officially formed on October 18, 2018, in Switzerland. When the first Board members, Martin Hütte (Founder and Senior Partner at Hütte Law, Switzerland), Bas Besseling (Founder of Marxman Advocaten, The Netherlands) and Roberto GILARDINO ( APAC Regional Partner at Horizons), signed the Articles of Association, they did not envision a new normal and world order would rapidly descend.

The task of cultivating a newly formed association during extraordinary times was not a simple task. The Board were required to adapt to pandemic related challenges. Nonetheless, the foundations of the association were successfully set forth. And despite the travel restrictions, several members completed cross-border transactions in Central America, Europe and Asia.

November 15 2022 marked another milestone for the association. The three-year mandatory term of the Board members ended and a new board was elected at the fourth CCG General Assembly. The new Board includes Roberto GILARDINO as President, Cengiz SÖYLEMEZOGLU (the Managing Partner of UNITEDKS, Turkey) as the Treasurer of the CCG; and Lucia Myriam Gisa NETTI (EMEA Regional Partner at Horizons, Italy) as the Secretary of the CCG, effective immediately. Roberto as the CCG President also sincerely thanked Martin and Bas’s dedication to the association during the three years.

With a newly elected board, a new chapter begins. The second term will generate new synergies and advance the work of the first Board members. To do this, the Board will strategically focus on these objectives:

  • strengthening active collaboration between members
  • fostering an unified association that represents the members’ interests
  • facilitating business opportunities for the benefit of members

The vision remains that together the CCG navigates global companies to seize cross-border opportunities. Whether it is China inbound or outbound investments, our international team, holding extensive expertise, serve stakeholders in the comfort of their home country or region. And erase the geographical, language and cultural barrier that can make or break transnational transactions.

Equally, the new CCG chapter shall instigate new energy, actions, and dedication to further the association. Whilst no one can correctly predict the future, CCG remains confident that its diverse practices and global span can steer companies through adversity. This is the CCG spirit and CCG way.







CCG President signed on behalf of the CCG Association