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China Collaborative Group celebrate success at the third China International Import Expo

By 6月 8, 20211月 5th, 2023No Comments

The third China International Import Expo (“CIIE”) saw the China Collaborative Group (“CCG”) strengthen partnerships and recognition as a leading cross-border corporate advisory. Participating for the first time as an invited CIIE exhibitor, the booth drew hundreds of visitors from 5-10 November including foreign and Chinese entities and government officials.

Noticeably, CCG’s understanding of corporate challenges in inbound and outbound investment in China generated significant interest. Many welcomed CCG’s focus on providing practical and ‘real world’ corporate solutions as an innovative approach amidst a sea of corporate jargon. Significant visitors and connections were initiated during CIIE and CCG is building robust long-term relationships with each connection.

Over the 5 days, the China CCG member Horizons continued to secure new and strengthen existing partners. With an extensive worldwide network of expertise of the CCG, many new and existing partners are working closely with CCG to foster greater investment opportunities between China and the wider world. Significant partners secured and strengthened in CIIE include:

  • A renowned investment and incubation network (‘Network’) for both Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs. The Network has been successfully collaborating with CCG to secure funding and development in China for innovative overseas projects. Currently, several CCG members are working with the Platform to launch high-technology projects in China.
  • One of the most prominent cross-border platform (“Cross-border Platform”) for small and medium enterprises (“SME”) to launch in the Chinese market. The Cross-border Platform in the following month shall be partnering with CCG to provide a channel for foreign brands to reach Chinese consumers in an affordable manner. As a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, CCG is dedicated to assisting SME in this critical Covid-19 time, specifically opening the “blue markets” –for their goods and services.
  • Regional government offices cooperating with CCG to provide professional services to China outbound companies. Currently, CCG has advised over 50 Chinese entities and shall be launching online/offline training seminars to prepare Chinese going abroad from the legal perspective. 
  • Several private equity funds (“EF”) and investment funds (“IF”) working with CCG to identify and invest in high-potential overseas projects. In 2021, CCG is planning to actively launch a platform in collaboration with several EF and IF dedicated to match-making overseas projects with investment.

In addition to the visitors and partnerships, CCG sees immediate benefits from participating in the third CIIE. Following the end of CIIE, CCG is receiving numerous meeting requests with the connections initiated. In the following weeks, the team will be meeting with several companies and government associations.  

CCG is proud to be invited to exhibit at the third CIIE. Despite the global pandemic and economic impact, the success achieved reflects China paving forward an open and accessible market for the world, as well as the country’s successful containment of COVID-19.

Mr. Roberto Gilardino, CCG President
“The success achieved at the third CIIE has propelled CCG’s recognition. From the simple and clean design of the booth to the exceptional teamwork from the Shanghai office with its 25 worldwide firms, we reflected CCG’s core value of one team, one focus point, one purpose committed to serving clients.”

Mr Bas Besseling, CCG Treasury
“From each of our China desks, CCG colleagues make China accessible to the client and each of our 25 represented countries extremely reachable to Chinese enterprises, too. Whether it is finding a local (production or financing) partner, setting up a joint venture, or simply checking contracts and documents, the CCG allows the client to have peace of mind and move forwards with a stable legal base.

Mr. Martin Hütte, CCG Secretary
“The CIIE was a fantastic opportunity to gain recognition for CCG members with Chinese companies and groups interested in entering in China and the five continents covered by our member Law Firms. With CCG, we can directly provide services in the language and culture of the client, and work closely with the China member to ensure the correct framework is established for the investment.”

If you would like to know more about CCG and its participation in CIIE next years, please contact Ms Miranda Dong at