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China Collaborative Group (“CCG”) advises business decision-makers to thrive in cross-border investments

Less than 30 days till the world’s largest import-themed expo, CIIE will be held in Shanghai from 5-10 November and CCG has been invited to exhibit for the second time.

CCG is made up of business and legal advisors who work together to provide clients with smart corporate solutions that effectively facilitate cross-border activities, CCG is honoured to participate again in this prestigious event.

PRESIDENT XI JINPING first announced the CIIE annual trade fair at the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in 2017, with the first expo held in November 2018. With foreign direct investment (“FDI”) in the mainland rising year on year, CIIE is pivotal in assisting foreign goods and services launching in China and reaching Chinese consumers. Equally, the high international media coverage coupled with national and local government support offers foreign companies a crucial platform to generate business opportunities, strengthen international trade and cooperation with key industry players.

As part of the exhibition, CCG will highlight and discuss the most recent trends in laws and rules for foreign companies engaged in or with China.

With the consistent changing business landscape, businesses face challenges in navigating through numerous regulations. Many cross-border investment issues remain steeped in cultural and language barriers, especially for investments in unfamiliar jurisdictions, such as China. CCG offer foreign investors engaged in China a local gateway to facilitate their investments. CCG leverages multidisciplinary professionals to allow the client to speak with a local advisor in the comfort of their home country or region and erase language and cultural difficulties. The local team continuously follows the investment, so the controlling dashboard of the investment in China is always in the investor’s hands.

Dr Roberto Gilardino, CCG President

“For CCG, our participation at CIIE enables us to be amidst the action and within the significant exchange of western and Chinese entrepreneurs. As a result, the priority is to seize the opportunities, further our understanding of decision-makers and generate business projects. Equally, we remain committed to providing practical advice to our clients, which extends beyond the mere law and tax opinions and procedures. Our expertise offers clients updated know-how, seasoned experience, and an ability to anticipate challenges. Therefore we remain steeped in reality and practicality as opposed to the traditional approach of the typical law firms.

In 2021 we achieved successful and tangible results from the third CIIE, which propelled CCG’s recognition internationally. In addition, from the connections generated in our participation, we effectively facilitated several acquisitions in 2021. As a result, we anticipate good outcomes from this year’s participation to further projects in 2022. ”

Bas Besseling, Secretary

“CIIE plays a significant role in facilitating the development of professional services. Last year, through our participation of CIIE, we generated strong leads with our global clients and wider network. For many businesses, China is the market to develop and expand in, therefore having CCG professionals structure the investment in a jurisdiction, that is unfamiliar for many investors, enables the investors to focus on the business aspects. We are honored to be invited again to exhibit in CIIE and believe the expo will generate excellent connections with foreign businesses in China.”



Martin Hütte, Treasurer

“Whilst many may be concerned with China closing the doors for foreign business, we believe there is ample opportunity for foreign businesses. Although, the foreign investment landscape in China has significantly changed in the last 40 years. Companies entering China shall be aware of not only the changing market trends but the current legal obligations for foreign investors. CIIE is a fantastic opportunity for foreign companies to present and launch goods and services to Chinese consumers, as well as gain first-hand insights in the market. For CCG this year, we are focused on recent legislation adopted, which impacts both companies aboard and in China.”


Despite the pandemic, CIIE attracted approximately 400,000 visitors, 411 new products, technologies, and services were exhibited, and a total value of 72.62 billion USD in intended deals were signed. This year’s CIIE boasts an exhibition area of 360,000 square meters for enterprises.

If you want to know more about CCG’s participation in CIIE this year, please contact Ms Miranda Dong at We look forward to you joining our CIIE experience.